Membership Requirement

Membership is open to all Women NGOs, Organisations, Societies, groups, corporate bodies and individuals that fulfill the following conditions namely:

  1. The society must be non-partisan
  2. The society must have as one of its aims and objectives the following:
    – The enhancement of the status of Women, children, youth and disabled;
    – The promotion of women’s issues in accordance with article II of the council’s constitution.
  3. The society must have seen in active existence for at least one (1) year.
  4. The society hall:
    – Have branches in at least (1/2) of the state of the federation
    – Be registered in at least five (5) local government areas (for state branches) and
    – Be affiliated to a state branch
    – Be affiliated to the National Body (for diaspora membership)

A society shall qualify as corporate executive member if and only if:

  1. It has branches in at least Ten (10) of the states for National and five (5) local government areas for state or
  2. It has branches in at least twenty (20) state of the federation to be considered into National executive status
  3. Member societies shall be full member organization fulfilling the requirements as in the constitution.
  1. These are women voluntary organisations mainly of foreign nations who cannot be members of National state LGA or dispora Council but have friendly relationship with the council of the area in which they operate. The will cooperate with such councils to render services, raise funds etc
  2. Persons who service might be required by the council by reasons of their expertise and other qualities.
  3. Representatives of associate members shall not be entitled to vote at conventions and cannot be elected to the governing body of the council. They may however serve on standing committees of the council.
  4. Be a corporate individual with businesses of high repute registered in the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria