National Council of Women Societies likewise known by its abbreviation NCWS is a Nigerian non-legislative and non-factional ladies’ association made out of a system of free ladies associations in Nigeria coming together to utilize NCWS’ stage to advocate women welfare issues to the government and the society.

The association is objective yet goes about as a compel gathering to cause the legislature and government to correct its ways and most importantly to respect, restored and recognizes Nigerian women role in the society.

Our mission

We poised to be responsive and proactive:

  • As an advocate of Nigerian Women’s right and plight.
  • To provide aid and support especially for the less privilege women.
  • To push for more women active participation in the development of the economy
  • To Hone Women leadership skills for the betterment of their society

President Speaks

how can we help you?

Contact us at the NCWS office nearest to you or submit an inquiry online.

Supporting & promoting the interests of less privileged women. fight, promote and protect the intrest of Nigerian women

Laraba Shoda
National President, NCWS Nigeria

National Council of Women's Societies