NCWS Urges Women To Partake In PVC Registration

While commemorating her 100 days in office, the National President of the NCWS placed a call to all Nigerian women to partake in the ongoing PVC registration.

She also advised them not to allow their children in engaging in political thuggery.

She also mentioned the NCWS would be organising a nationwide sensitisation for Nigerians on the 2023 general elections.

“The 2023 General Election is seen by Nigeria women as an unprecedented opportunity to provide an up-to-date and accurate disposition to strategize towards participatory political leadership.”

“Therefore, as mothers we should strongly discourage our husbands and children against political thuggery even as the country is faced with security challenges. I am urging all Nigeria women to go out there and participate in the ongoing PVC registration” she added

Representing the INEC chairman, Mrs Victoria Eta-Messi said the commission with the collaboration of stakeholders in the electoral process has adopted strategies to reach women to ensure that they are actively involved in the electoral process.

“Ahead of 2023 General Election, the Commission is stepping up Voter Education activities with emphasis on increasing women’s participation in the electoral process, mostly through sensitization and mobilization programmes” she added

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