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Diverse women collaborate for societal change

Welcome to the National Council of Women's Societies (NCWS), the foremost advocate for gender equality and the empowerment of women and children in Nigeria. Established as an umbrella organization, the NCWS brings together diverse women's groups and societies, uniting their efforts to champion the rights and well-being of women across the Nation. Membership is open to all Women NGOs, Organizations, Societies, groups, corporate bodies and individuals.

The National Council for Women societies (NCWS) is a non-political, non-ethnic, not for profit making and non-governmental organization founded in 1958 and incorporated with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) in 1965.

The Council has it’s headquarter in Abuja, state branches in all the 36 states of the federation and Federal Capital Territory (FCT) and functional local chapters in all the 774 local government areas in Nigeria.

In addition to the national structure, there are numerous professional, socio-cultural and humanitarian organizations affiliated to the council at the national and state levels. The Council is the only women organization in Nigeria registered with the International Council of Women (ICW).

Haj. Lami Adamu Lau

National President

What we do

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NCWS promote the economic and social welfare and progress of Women, youth, people living with disabilities and children, laying special emphasis on education and training, health education, skills and vocational education, entrepreneurial education, economic and social employment.

Our vision is a world where women are respected, valued, and able to live their lives to the fullest without the threat of violence or oppression. We envision a society where gender equality is not just a goal but a reality, where women have equal access to opportunities, resources, and decision-making power. We aspire to build communities that are safe, inclusive, and supportive of women’s rights, where every woman can thrive and contribute her unique talents and strengths to society.

These statements encapsulate the overarching goals and aspirations of the National Council for Women’s Safety, outlining both its purpose and its vision for the future.

At the National Council for Women’s Safety (NCWS), our mission is to champion the rights and safety of women across all communities. We are dedicated to creating a society where every woman can live free from violence, discrimination, and fear. Through advocacy, education, and collaboration, we strive to empower women, raise awareness, and drive systemic change to eradicate gender-based violence and promote gender equality.

  1. To awaken and encourage in women the realisation of their responsibilities to the community and the nation in general:
  2. To ensure by every means that women are given every opportunity to play their part as full responsible members of the community and the nation.
  3. To mobilize the Women and facilitate their political and economic empowerment towards self reliance.
  4. To encourage membership of all non-political women NGOs organisations, societies, groups and corporate bodies and individual in Nigeria.
  5. To foster co-operation with other national and international bodies with similar aims and objectives
  6. To promote women participation in politics/governance.
  7. To assist, love and care for people living with HIV/AIDS
  8. To assist, love and care for cancer patients.
  9. To sensitize the people and advocate for good education and health facilities and equity for women and youth, especially the girl child.
Who we are

Transforming Communities Across the States


Foster co-operation with other national and international bodies with similar objectives.

Social Justice

Working towards a just society where women have equal access to resources, opportunities and protection under the law.

Training and Awareness

Mobilizing the women and facilitate their political and economic empowerment towards self reliance.

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